Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Berlin Bradenburg Airport Opening Delayed

Project Manager Hartmut Mehdorn has announced plans to bring at least a part of major new airport into service by the end of this year as a test, an important political step forward, Tagesspiegel reported on Friday.

But even now it is considered unlikely, the newspaper said, prompting criticism from politicians Mehdorn city. "These clearly are not doing the job manager is supposed to do - that is, change of the chaos into which the company works," said Martin Delius, Berlin state parliament for the Pirate Party and chairman of the committee investigating the BER.

The northern part of the airport jetty aircraft planned to begin addressing this December - but this can only happen after a six-week test period. And it seems now that the building authority will only grant permission for the period starting in early 2014, which means that any partial opening would only be feasible in the spring.

Latest schedule is to have the whole airport is open for business at the end of 2014 or early 2015.

Airport, was initially expected to cost around € 1200000000, now expected to cost in the region of € 5 billion. Maintenance and security for the half-built building is said to cost up to € 50 million a month, while uncertainty about the opening of the airport Tegel also have an impact on the city, the newspaper said.

That's because it was closed in 2011 - when the BER is scheduled to begin operating - but now works over-capacity.